Policies and Disclaimers

  1. Link Exchanges
  2. Advertising
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  4. Editorial Guidelines

Anyone is free to link to me, and usually anyone that links to me will get a link back (I know all). However, because it’s important to me that I endorse links I find valid and useful to my audience, I will only create a reciprocal link if your site falls under any of the following guidelines.

  1. You are my friend IRL (in real life) and I like you (this is important).
  2. You are a website I frequently read and comment on.
  3. Your website belongs into any one of these categories:
    1. Scrapbooking, cardmaking, papercrafting (or just crafting in general).
    2. Dallas Ft. Worth life and culture.
    3. Food blog or website.
    4. Personal productivity.
    5. Any other category I think might be an appropriate link for my audience to see.

If you’ve read the above guidelines and believe your website would be suitable for my audience, please contact me.


I’m not currently setup to do any advertising on my website except for the occasional affiliate banner I may fly every once in a while. However, I am open to the right opportunities. Please contact me if you are interested.

Comment Policy

I welcome comments and love hearing from readers. However, in order to keep this blog PG-13 and viewable by everyone, I ask that you read the following and conduct yourself accordingly.

Language, Length and Format
I’m open to everyone expressing their opinion, but I would like it if your comments weren’t excessively peppered with profanity so try to avoid using a lot of it. Flaming, threatening language, and derogatory language is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Anyone in violation of this will have their comment deleted and run the risk of being banned and/or having their armpits infested with a thousand fleas.

If you feel like you would rather not have to put up with my comment guidelines, feel free to write a post on your own blog and use a trackback link when available. However, because this is my blog, I do reserve the right to refuse trackbacks (especially if it’s trackback spam).

Linking to Your Site and Other Sites in Your Comment
I’ll try to respond to everyone who comments as often I can, but as an additional thank you, I won’t use the rel=”nofollow” tag on your link when commenting. If you think it’s necessary to link to somewhere in your comment, please use the nofollow tag if it’s a link you don’t think deserves kudos.

I do reserve the right to edit URLs to add a nofollow tag when I see fit (See Editing Comments).

I hate comment spam so if your comment looks anything remotely like comment spam, it won’t ever see the light of day (in other words, I’ll delete it).

Signatures in Comments
A 1-2 line signature is acceptable for comments. Please, however, avoid linking to your own site in the comment area if possible.

Email Addresses
Please use a valid email address when commenting. Your email address won’t be displayed unless you type it in the body of your comment. I will never sell your email addresses to anyone. I will only use your email address if you want me to respond to you via email.

Comments left with invalid email addresses or email addresses that require me to click on a link to confirm I’m a human and not spam (how do I know YOU’RE not a spammer?) will be deleted. No exceptions.

IP Addresses
IP addresses will be logged for my informational purposes (basically to pinpoint comment spammers) and will not be sold or revealed to anyone else. Any IP addresses I collect that show up associated with comment spam (especially repeat offenders) will be reported to the proper Internet blacklists. I’m not sure what’ll happen once it’s in their hands but I hear it’s bad. Very bad.
Editing Comments

And now here’s the good part! All comments will go through an approval process before being published. I reserve the right to edit or delete comments as I see fit. If you violate any of the guidelines stated above (especially the part about flaming, threatening and derogatory language, as well as comment spam), I will delete your comment before it even hits my blog. However, if you get a comment approved my me, usually the system is smart enough to just post it automatically without asking me for permission.

I also reserve the right to edit URLs in comments to add a “nofollow” tag to a link I don’t want to endorse, but would like to make publicly available for other readers.

Publishing Comment Policy
Like my Editorial Guidelines, this policy will always be publicly available for everyone to see. They too, however, are subject to change as I see fit.

Editorial Guidelines

Tone and Language
While I pledge to remain professional and avoid inappropriate language when expressing my opinion, I may sometimes let a curse word or two slip by. However, for the most part, I do plan on keeping my blog posts clean and PG-13.

Using Names
I’ll talk about a lot of real life people in my blog, so I will often times use real first names (or just initials). I will only use real first and last names when I’m writing about people in the public eye (e.g. celebrities, major government officials, and anyone else who wants me to use their first and last name when writing about them).

I do respect other people’s privacy on the Internet, so if you know me and would like to be excluded from being named publicly, please contact me and let me know.

If you discover I’ve named you in a blog post, I will do my best to fix it. However, if you’re named across multiple posts, it may take some time for me to correct and I can’t guarantee I’ll catch every instance.

Controversial Topics
Occasionally I might write about controversial topics (like the use of glue sticks vs. double-sided tape in scrapbooking). I welcome feedback and opinions, even if they are opposing. However, I ask that you conduct yourself in the same professional manner I would when commenting (See Comment Policy).

My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my employer, significant others, or my dog (though I will say, she does agree with me on a lot of issues).

I will try my best to ensure that all facts stated are backed up by evidence and will usually try to provide a link to the source when available. However, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of external sources of information I link to.

Publishing Editorial Guidelines
These guidelines will always be publicly available for everyone to see. They are, however, subject to change as I see fit.

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