WordPress 2.5, I Wanna Make Out With You and Have Babies With You (And Not Necessarily in That Order)

transOk, so I’m going to temporarily put on my geek hat for a moment. I downloaded the RC1 version of WordPress 2.5 after seeing they were offering it to people willing to test it out.

I am in love.

I’ve been a longtime user of WordPress. I mean LONG TIME. Even though the interface has always been… well, eh… not so great, I still used it faithfully because its robust features always outweighed its cosmetic shortcomings. But now… now I am truly in love and can’t wait for the stable release.

The admin interface received a complete overhaul and one of the things they’ve listed as a new feature is FULL TEXT FEEDS. Yes! I’ve dying for this for so long that I’m anxious to start using it. I thought it was so lame that even when you set your options to full text feeds, the full text doesn’t even show up in the feed. I know, it was a WTF moment when I discovered that. I also love the fact that the admin panel is “pluggable” and more easily customized to fit every users blogging style.

This release is by far the best I’ve seen. Hats off to the developers and everyone involved in this project. You guys have done a great job.

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One thought on “WordPress 2.5, I Wanna Make Out With You and Have Babies With You (And Not Necessarily in That Order)”

  1. Yeah, the new admin area is awesome. Some may be put off by the colors, but luckily that’s easily changable.

    Although I’d have to say that the immense behind the scenes changes are what I’m most excited about. So much for a plugin developer like me to play with. 😀

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