What I Love #6

So here’s the thing: I love sweets. Specifically, I love pastries, cupcakes, and cookies. I also love pretty things, so when I see pretty cupcakes and pastries, I must take a photo 🙂

Velvet cupcake from Polkadot Bakery in Addison, TX

My colleague Kevin is just as addicted to sweets as I am, but the difference between me and him is I often have restraint, while he doesn’t lol. There was one point over the summer, where he was buying cookies and cupcakes from Polkadot bakery around the corner at least 2 or 3 times a week and bringing it back to the office. This time around, he bought 6 of these lovely little velvet cupcakes. Polkadot has some of the best velvet cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. And I’m usually not that impressed by velvet cake in general, but theirs are delicious. Even the frosting is made with real cream cheese.

A couple weekends ago, I went to H Mart in Carrollton. If you’ve never heard of an H Mart, it’s an Asian superstore. Well, mainly Korean, but they have all kinds of Asian groceries and produce in there. This place used to be my main source of groceries for a long time because it was on my commute home from work, but ever since I relocated from Carrollton to Addison, I really only save my weekends for trips out here.

H Mart has this bakery near the entrance called Tous Les Jour. If I could compare it to anything else, it would probably be like an Asian Starbucks. Except much better because their pastries are baked fresh on site (their coffee is meh, but that’s not why I come here).

On this particular morning, I was picking up an Americano and a donut when I happened to see these beauties in their pastry case. Look at how lovely they are! My favorite is probably the half-round one in the upper right.

Korean cakes from Tous Les Jour bakery at H Mart in Carrollton, TX

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