What Every Dinner Should Be Like

Lately I’ve been in need of dinners that require few ingredients and little prep and/or cook time, but still taste delicious.

Tonight I made a ribeye steak on the grill pan served with a side of potato salad (prepackaged unfortunately, but still delicious nonetheless)–prep and cook time totaled 10 minutes tops. Nothing more perfect than a piece of cooked meat (and yes, I reserve my organic butter especially for steaks–it’s just delicious).

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2 thoughts on “What Every Dinner Should Be Like”

  1. Hi Kristine,
    I have a question. I was watching you video regarding the string and button envelope, and noticed you using the crop-a-dile to close the eyelet. Would you please tell me what setting you used to close the eyelet. ex. a3, b1…?
    I have struggled with the closures. They tend to look distorted every time I use the crop-a-dile. I must be using the incorrect setting. Can you help me? Thanks. I love your tutorial on the envelope.

    Warmest Regards,
    Sandra Collinson

  2. Hi Sandra!

    Thanks for your question. For a 1/8″ eyelet, I used the setting c3, making sure that the rolled side of the eyelet (or right side) is face up. The Crop A Dile can be tricky–I usually use the top plate (c) as the guide, placing it in the hole of the eyelet first before pressing down on the handle. Hope that helps!

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