Warp Speed

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year is going by. It’s already the second week of November! In two weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving. A few weeks after that, Christmas will be here.

Sometimes I wonder if I say the same things over again. For example, that previous paragraph? It makes me feel like I have a case of deja vu and I think, have I written that before? Perhaps I’ve just had it floating around in my head for so long that it just feels like I’ve said it before.

I’ve been making some decent progress on my December Daily album. I have about 4 pages creates already, 21 more to go. I’ve even started a topic calendar to act as an idea generator for when I get stumped on a topic one day. My goal is to finish 5 pages by tomorrow, which seems highly likely (though I do have a book club meeting tomorrow night) and then 5 more pages by Sunday.

I’m finding it a little challenging putting together pages for photos I haven’t even taken yet. Even more challenging is fighting the urge to really embellish some of the pages. I mean, if I don’t have the topic of a page yet, how can I even embellish it now?

But anyway, I’m keeping faith and looking forward to when December gets here.

Ok, the cloc

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