The Great Pea Conspiracy

Instinct, originally uploaded by krisalis903.

Ok, so by looking at the photo above, it’s no secret that I dislike peas.

As I was walking to the sink to wash my container out at lunch today, I look down and the memory of how I used to fake out my mom with the peas in the fried rice came back to me. As a kid, I would secretly spread them out across my plate to make it look like I just happened to miss a few peas. She would see that I had a relatively clean plate and then I’d quickly run it to the sink before she caught on.

As an adult, I still skip over the peas, except now I don’t spread them around my plate to make it unnoticeable. I just unconsciously avoid picking them up with my spoon 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Great Pea Conspiracy”

  1. Step 1.) Use a plastic spoon
    Step 2.) Skip over peas as usual
    Step 3.) After consuming everything BUT the peas
    Step 4.) Use plastic spoon as catapult for malicious peas!

    Instant fun!

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