The Day Shoe Shopping Stopped Sucking

I have a confession to make. I hate shoe shopping.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Evidently when I was just a bunch of cells in my mother’s womb, the shoe-loving strand of DNA got lost somewhere in the process, never to be found again. Until now.

So for the last year or so, I’ve been wearing the death out of a pair of Nine West ankle boots. They’re black, low-heeled, and so comfortable–perfect for both business casual and casual wear in my opinion. And the great thing about them is I can stomp around like a boy in them, walk all around campus at work, and not get fatigued.

Recently though my boots have begun to fall apart and wear thin on the inside. It probably started when I went to Austin back in December. In an attempt to pack light, I only brought one pair of shoes and my Nine West boots were it. That one morning when we walked to the coffee shop and taco stand was what began their decline, and although they did fare well in the journey, I could already tell their life was limited.

I finally decided this week that I had to find a replacement because no amount of paper towels could make the inside of those boots any more comfortable. Luckily my office is a block away from DSW Shoes so I went there last night after work and prepared myself for what I expected would be an exhaustive search for a pair of shoes that were both somewhat attractive, yet comfortable.

See the thing is I forgot my doctor put me on a diuretic to help reduce swelling in my feet and legs. I had no idea this would make such a huge difference in my shoe shopping experience. Once I tried on a pair and discovered my feet actually fit in them, I suddenly wasn’t discouraged from trying other shoes.

Aisle by aisle, I found myself trying on every shoe I thought was cute: Ellen Tracy, Via Spiga (oh man, there was a cute pair of Via Spiga heels I fell in love with!), Tahari (I absolutely adore Tahari shoes and they’re soooo comfy!), BCBG, Betsy Johnson… I began to mentally create a list of all these shoes that I wanted and realized, “Wow, I’m actually enjoying myself.”

But because I was on a limited budget, I ended up buying a pair of black, croc-patterned LifeStride pumps (pictured above) just to hold me over for a while.

As I waked out of the store, shopping bag in one hand and optimism in the other, I realized this is the best I’ve felt about my body in the last few years

And it can only get better.

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