Taming the Chaos

The last few weeks have been very weird mostly because there’s this dude living here all of a sudden. It’s taken some time to get used to, but at the same time it hasn’t. Does that make sense? I guess it’s like I’m used to his personality and who he is, but I’m not used to the beard trimmings on my towels.

Most of this last weekend was spent cleaning and trying to find homes for things. While one would thing that sounds like a drag, for me it was a relief and a huge weight off my shoulders. The situation isn’t perfect just yet. We still have mountain of boxes taking up the corner of our living room. I’m afraid until we move into a bigger place, we will have to suffer with it for now.

Despite that and the waning job search, things have been good. Financially we are living on my income for now, but we know that can’t go on forever. So for now, we’re keeping our ears open for potential opportunities and applying to the ones that come up.

Last weekend I was able to do some scrapping so I’ll be posting those pages here shortly. I’m taking a week long vacation beginning next Thursday and it will be a welcome relief. I’m not going anywhere exactly, just taking some time off for my cousin’s wedding and then the Coldplay concert on the 21st. I can’t wait.

One thought on “Taming the Chaos”

  1. Ah, the joys of living with a boy…

    I grew up with five brothers so it wasn’t a big shock for me, but still, it’s an adjustment!

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