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An Impromptu Cooking Lesson: Young Coconut Drink

Last weekend while at my parents house, my dad showed me some young coconut they purchased from the 99 Ranch store in Plano the other day. He decided to open a few to show me how to prepare a drink they used to make since I admitted I’d purchased one a long time ago but couldn’t figure out how to get it open, wasting it. And of course since I already had my camera with me, I decided to photograph them as they worked and told stories.

Mom said when they were younger, they couldn’t boil noodles at night for pancit because the Japanese would see the light of their cooking fires, so they would shred coconut and use that as their noodles instead.

Dad said he used to chew on the coconut fibers because it was kinda sweet (Mom cringed and said she never did that!)

Coconut water is all the rage these days with celebrity doctors like Dr. Oz praising it for its health benefits. And although it may be healthy, it can also be expensive to buy in the bottled form.

However, if you’ve got a big cleaver and don’t mind a workout, buying young coconut in its original form can be much better for you (no preservatives or additives).

Young coconut for coconut water.

This is what young coconut looks like when you buy it from the grocery or the asian store. It’s usually this weird looking shape, pointed at the top, and wrapped in plastic wrap.

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