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Weekend Project: New Craft Table – IKEA Vika Series

I’ve known for a while that I needed another worktable in my craft studio, but this weekend it became more and more apparent as I worked on my one crowded table. When I first moved into this apartment, I had two worktables, a printer stand, and a 5 tier shelf. For a while 2 work tables was enough because I would craft and film on one table and then keep my Cricut handy on the other, but eventually my laptop and desktop computer took over one work table, that left me with only one table for paper crafting and no home for my Cricut.

To get me through the interim, I jury-rigged two portable storage drawers and used that as the stand for my Cricut. The more I used it, the more I hated it so I finally decided to break down and buy another table.

Below is what the setup looked like before the transformation:

Ikea Vika Series Review (Before)

The two drawers differed in height so my Cricut actually sat pretty crooked. In the corner you can see just a box of random stuff (stuff I need to sell or give away), storage items I need to put up, and photos I need to hang (yeah, I’ve lived here for a year and I still haven’t finished hanging all my pictures!)

Enter in IKEA’s Vika series:

IKEA Vika series

I only live 20 minutes away from an IKEA, which is probably why I continue to live in this same general area, so a lot of my apartment is furnished from there. My craft tables right now are second hand purchases from Craigslist. They are older Elfa desks with two filing cabinets from The Container store and I got them at a STEAL. I settled on the Vika series because they look very similar to my Elfa desks and would fit in perfectly.

The one I chose was pretty basic: a white 47″ tabletop with 4 white legs, grand total of about $34. I was really impressed with the Vika Amon tabletop–it was so unbelievably light weight compared to my Elfa tabletops. In fact, I carried it upstairs on my shoulder without even breaking into a sweat. Granted I don’t know if their lightness is a good or bad thing, but so far I have no complaints.

Also, white on white is just one combination of about a gazillion. In IKEA’s Vika series, you can opt for storage drawers instead of legs; or you can get a glass tabletop instead of a lightweight particleboard like mine. The possibilities are endless.

Assembly is easy as well, and like all assembly, I’d recommend using a power drill. It just makes things go a lot faster. I can already tell that disassembly of this table in the future will be easier compared to my Elfa desks. With the Vika desk, all you have to do is attach the leg base to the underside of the tabletop and the legs screw right in.

For my Elfa desks, the leg bases are attached to the legs, which then get attached to the tabletop. So each time I have to assemble and disassemble those desks, I need to unscrew and screw in small screws. Believe me, I’ve moved these tables twice already and while they’re not difficult to disassemble, it’s not an easy process.

Below is the result: IKEA Vika Amon White and White Review

I’m really happy with the outcome. Although there’s roughly a 1″ difference in heigh between the Elfa desk (right) and the Vika table (left), it’s not much of a problem. So that’s one section of my studio. Now to deal with the rest! 🙂


Save vs. Splurge: IKEA MACKIS vs. Making Memories White Wood Storage Desktop Organizer

IKEA's MACKIS desktop organizer can be a suitable stand-in for the more expensive Making Memories Wood Desktop Organizer

Last week, Kristina Werner featured a Making Memories White Wood Desktop Organizer that she got for 75% off. She planned on using it as an organizer to hold her “new items” that she wanted to try out, which was SUCH a great idea because I often got new items and end up misplacing them or filing them away in their “places” before I even used them. Of course, that didn’t last long because before I knew it, those things were SOLD OUT at Two Peas.

I still loved the idea of having a designated “organizer” for new items that I wanted to use. While I was making my IKEA list, I cam across this MACKIS desktop organizer and became interested when I saw it was 13.5″ wide (PERFECT for 12×12 paper and large sticker packets). It had a wide pocket in the back, a 2nd shorter pocket in the middle, then two corner pockets (great for pens) and a smaller pocket in the middle of the front. Granted it didn’t have the drawers that the Making Memories organizer had, but IKEA does have the FIRA mini chests if you need small drawers. It didn’t have the little metal tag at the side either, but if you’re a scrapper, you probably have a spare one laying around that you could attach using some tools.

On my most recent trip to IKEA, I checked one of these out and figured it was perfect for what I needed so I brought it home with me (see picture). If you can grab the Making Memories desktop organizer at a discount, it would be worth it. But if you’re a little on grabbing a bargain like that one, the MACKIS desktop organizer from IKEA works just as well.

Operation Space Maximizer Status: Almost Complete

A little over a year ago, I began the process of transferring all of my stamp sets over to the EZ-Mount system. I’m happy to say that the endeavor is almost complete. I’ve converted almost all of my stamp sets over to this sleek and streamlined system, with the exception of a few sets which I might sell.

I bought this wooden CD tower for $10 at IKEA a couple months ago. It came predrilled with holes in the back so it could be mounted to a wall. I’ve got that one almost completely full, now I have to get a second one to accomodate my growing collection.

Pretty soon I’ll be growing out of my designated square footage. Whatever will I do?

Button Jars

Button Jars, originally uploaded by krisalis903.

This is my latest project. I’ve been wanting to organize all of my buttons according to color into cute little jars. The other day I came across these adorable little glass jars at my local Hobby Lobby. At $1.47 a piece, I figured that was a pretty good price. I’m in the process of decorating them right now. I’ll have to post the finished project when I’m done. (UPDATED: Here’s a link to the finished project)

Chipboard Letter Storage

Chipboard Letter Storage, originally uploaded by krisalis903.

Ok, so I have a problem. A very serious problem. I love American Crafts Thickers way too much. Basically Thickers are adhesive chipboard letters that come in a variety of colors and shapes. I use them quite a bit in a lot of my layouts.

As a result, my Thickers collection has become a storage nightmare. Trying to maintain incomplete alphabets while at the same time trying not to waste letters is challenging.

Cropper Hopper 4x6 Photo Storage - Now Chipboard Letter Storage!

I came up with this storage solution to help curb that problem. These are actually Cropper Hopper 4×6 photo storage folders that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about $5 (4 folders in a set). This solution isn’t just great for Thickers, I think it should work for any chipboard letter storage. You can see I use 4×6 index cards as dividers to keep all the groups of letters separate. Right now I’m only using this for Thickers, but eventually I plan on adding all my other chipboard letters, organized by alphabet, into these folders.

Cropper Hopper also makes another storage solution that would probably work as well and actually has 13 built in dividers. Of course, on the other hand you’re expandability is limited with one of these.