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Vlog Time Complete with Scrapbook.com Haul

Wow, so today was the perfect day. Work went by so smoothly and even though we shut the office down 2 hours earlier, I still managed to get everything crossed off my to do list plus some additional stuff that popped up during the day. This almost never happens especially on the day before a holiday. At 3:15 I almost didn’t want to jinx it so I stayed quiet and kept to myself, praying that my phone wouldn’t ring with some crazy emergency that would keep me there late. Thankfully nothing happened!

As a result, I was able to pick up my package from Scrapbook.com before the main office closed. I recorded the haul video above, edited and had it published by 9:30 and so here I am blogging about it.

I have 9 pages done for my December Daily album. So far this album is becoming a breeze to start out with especially since I developed a design theme and method. I may not even need to create all 31 pages especially since I plan on inserting photo collages intermittently throughout the album. But I’m going to create as many as possible just so I’m prepared for the month.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m supposed to head out to Fate, TX, also known as Way The Hell Out There, TX, for dinner with my family. But first I need to go to the grocery store in the morning and pick up stuff to bring for the party. I’m going to make my coworker’s Loaded Baked Potato Casserole that she brought to our office Thanksgiving party (it was aaaawesome!).


Progress, originally uploaded by krisalis903.

Today has been an interesting, but good day. Let me start in the beginning.

I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning despite falling asleep around midnight watching episodes of The IT Crowd the night before. If you haven’t seen or heard of that show, but like silly British comedies, I highly recommend checking this out. You’ll find episodes streaming through Netflix or even Amazon (I think).

I ended up not only taking Izzie out for a walk at 5 in the morning, but I also ended up watching the other half of When Harry Met Sally, which I started watching the night before but couldn’t finish because I was getting sleepy.

It was my first time watching it but it’s been on my list of movies for a long time. I loved it of course. And seeing Meg Ryan cry like that after she found out her ex was getting married? That’s my worst nightmare. In fact, I’m going to tell Jabari that if he ever gets married before me, to never tell me. I would rather not know.

I did lazy around the house that morning and ultimately ended up taking an epic nap while watching Grimm, which is turning out to be a really good series. After that, I ran some errands, grabbing coffee on the way. When I got home, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on my December Daily album. Pictured above is the workspace. Thoroughly pleased with my progress 🙂

Another Vlog and December Daily Update

Thanks again to everyone who watched my last video. I actually recorded this one last night and uploaded it this morning, but I’m just now getting around to publishing it. I don’t expect this to happen all the time since I work full time, but hopefully it’s something I’ll be able to maintain once or twice a week.

The amount of pages I actually got done this weekend was pretty lame, but considering the other work I accomplished (getting the other half of my studio functional), this was a significant feat.

Also in raiding my own stash, I learned that I really don’t have a variety of Christmas products to choose from. And, well, as fate would have it, I happened to browse Scrapbook.com at just the right time to see they were having a daily deal sale on all their Christmas stuff at 20% off. So you know what I did, of course. Expect to see a scrapbook haul soon!

Are you working on December Daily or Journal Your Christmas? Post a comment about your progress!

December Daily 2011 Vlog

December Daily 2009 was a success.

December Daily 2010 was a bust. Non existent actually. It’s almost as if 2010 just came and went without so much as a passing breeze.

I’m determined to not let that happen for December Daily 2011.

The video posted above is the first episode of my Scrapper’s Diary. In lamenting over my lack of motivation, I realized if I was going to get out of said funk, I can’t do nothing, so I gotta do something. That resulted in a vlog of sorts: me talking about December Daily, unboxing the first step of the project (my new album and page protectors for this project), and basically making a face-to-face commitment with the Interweb to say, “Hey, I’m doing this. Don’t let me fail.”