Room for Error


The last few days have been a blur.

First of all, let me start with my current state. In a momentary lapse of judgement on Tuesday, I decided to have lunch at a questionable fast food restaurant near my office. Twelve hours later, I’m hugging the toilet bowl like it’s my BFF. It was pretty horrendous.

I spent most of yesterday in bed eating saltines, drinking Gatorade and ginger ale. I even went as far as eating a can of chicken noodle soup which provided the only sustenance for that entire day.

Although I was feeling better today, I still wasn’t at 100% so I opted to stay home again. For lunch today, I made a pot of wonton soup, said wontons provided by my dear mom.

So… yes, I have met someone, but here’s the thing: it’s too early to tell what it is or where it’s going at least in my opinion. But nevertheless I still like him and he likes me so we’ll see what happens.

I received a piece of advice from a very wise friend of mine. She said the important thing to take note of here is that I know life goes on. I know that even though my heart was broken like Jabari had broken mine, I persevere and it gets better. I know what the stakes are and as a result, I know what it feels like to be smitten and alive again.

I think I am taking a bit of a risk by putting myself back out there again. And yes, there is a definite possibility that someone will break my heart again, but I would rather play the game again than give up entirely.

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3 thoughts on “Room for Error”

  1. Those wontons look scrumptious! I’m sorry you had such a terrible food poisoning experience and that you are back to 100% very quickly.

    You met someone? I’m happy for you, and now your last post makes more sense!

  2. Hugs to you Kristine! I am so sorry you got sick and hope that this comment finds you on the mend.

    And I am happy for you and understand completely the keeping it close right now. I still remember the broken heart you lent some comforting words towards in my bathroom at my old house. Warms my heart!

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