Honorary Mexican

Carnitas in the Pot, originally uploaded by krisalis903.

I’ve seriously been on a taco kick for about two weeks now. It would probably be considered a sickness by the medical community.

I saw that pork shoulder was on sale for $1.29 a pound at Tom Thumb this morning so I put on my running sneakers and bought a 9 lb. roast. And no, I did not consume all 9 lbs. of meat. I used part of it for carnitas, and the other part I’ll probably use for pork adobo (Filipino carnitas).

I had intended on also making Mexican chocolate ice cream, but a cold front swept in overnight and suddenly I found myself in 32 degree weather. I didn’t feel like having ice cream in freezing weather.

Instead, I opted for Mexican hot chocolate (I already had the chocolate) and Mexican wedding cookies. I’d told my friend Gonzo about my culinary plans this weekend, and he suggested I make these cookies his dad used to make once a year.

Surprisingly I had all the ingredients on hand for these cookies. And actually I had just enough sugar left for one batch!

I also decided to substitute pecans for the almonds in the recipe. I still had a ton of pecans left from when Gonzo gave me a gallon bag a couple months ago so I wanted to use them. Plus I just love pecans.

The dough was super crumbly and delicious. One could never go wrong when butter and sugar are involved anyway. But a couple hours in the fridge kept it easy to work with.

A Sea of Wedding Cookies

Tacos carnitas, Mexican wedding cookies, and Mexican hot chocolate. Seriously, when do I get my honorary Mexican card? I think it’s well past due 🙂

Mexican Wedding Cookies

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