Goal Update: Staying On Top of Things

It’s been an interesting week so far, but honestly I can’t wait for the weekend. Ideally on a weekend, I’d want to sleep in late but that hardly ever happens. It’s weird but when you only have 2 days off, those 2 days are so precious to you, you want to get as much in as possible and you don’t want to waste it on sleep. On the other hand, some would probably argue that sleep is not a waste of time at all 🙂

Anyway, here’s the obligatory goal update. March was a pretty good month in the craft department. With the added responsibility of contributing to a design team, I was surprisingly able to post quite a few projects using stuff from my stash.

(For further elaboration on why I’m doing this, read this post.)

So here’s a recap of what I accomplished in March:

I’m actually very proud of myself. One thing I KNOW I slacked off on was sending a card to a friend. I don’t think I did that last month. In fact, I think I may have missed February as well 🙁 I can’t remember. That’s ok, all I have to do is pick up where I left off 🙂

Did anyone else have any resolutions for 2010? How are you progressing on them?

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