The Elusive Unicorn

“How’s work these days?”

“Really good. We just moved into a new office back in October.”

“Oh yeah? Where did you guys move?”

“We’re still in the same building, we just moved up to the 4th floor.”

We were relaxing on the leather couch in his dimly lit office. It was after hours and we had just finished making love on his desk. It had been rough, urgent and passionate as it always had been with him. The skin on my back still tingled from where he grasped me, and my lips were sore from his kisses. But now we were dressed, his hand resting in my lap, my hand resting on his. I resisted the urge to hold it. Instead I lightly traced patterns on his skin as we talked. It was an act that was so gentle and intimate, I honestly wasn’t used to that kind of intimacy with him.It’s probably been over a year since we last saw each other, but we were still in sync like it was yesterday. He knew exactly how and where to kiss me, and I could make him tremble with excitement with just an effortless touch of my hand.

I sighed deeply and looked around. His business was a place I had only seen in my imagination. He had a large wooden, L-shaped desk, the top of which was littered with paperwork, a couple bamboo plants, a half eaten package of Oreo cookies, and his computer monitors, of which he had 6. The full sized refrigerator on one side only held Mountain Dew and a couple bottles of salad dressing. It was the Batcave.

“Who would’ve thought that you and I would still be up to our same ol’ shenanigans?” I asked rhetorically.

“Oh I could’ve told you that,” he said. “I was never gonna let you go. You were the one that kept cutting me off and leaving.”

Was it possible that it was me all along?

I was never gonna let you go. It was the one thing I’ve always wanted to hear… coming from a man I never expected to hear it from. He was everything I always and never wanted wrapped up into a 6 foot 2 package. He was demanding, controlling, impatient, and frustrating at times. But he was drawn to me just as much as I was to him, it was evident in past encounters. Had this been a scene from a movie, this is how the rest of the conversation would’ve gone… I would’ve leaned into him and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. “Darling, you and I are each other’s elusive unicorns. We only see each other when the moon is in the right phase and the stars are aligned just perfectly. When that happens… It’s magical and beautiful. It’s as if everything is the way it should be.”

And the truth is… I’m afraid a relationship like that with a man like him would break me. Because in my world, there was no such thing as a happy ending.

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