Christmas Scrapping, Hassle-Free

So this year, in an attempt to jumpstart my scrapbooking, I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ December Daily event. For December Daily, you do all of your preparation ahead of time. This would allow you to document the Christmas season without having to stress out over layouts.

Unfortunately though we’re already in the second week of November and I’ve barely created one layout!

Yep. Part of the hang-up too is I’m working in an 8×8 format (I’m so used to 12×12). I thought it would be easier to work in a smaller format. Maybe I’m just not used to thinking in that size yet. Probably in time it’ll get easier.

I have a goal to complete 5 pages by Wednesday, but tomorrow night I have a date with the Mac Genius at Willow Bend to take a gander at my laptop’s iSight camera. It’s doing weird stuff like not working so I figured I should have it looked at while it’s still covered under warranty. I’ve got one page kinda complete–now all I have to do is 4 more 🙂

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