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The Apartment Complex Finally. After 7 months of living with the ‘rents, I did it: I signed a lease on Saturday for the cutest apartment (at a killer price, no less) and was approved today 🙂 I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, relief, and nervousness mostly because I won’t have my parent’s wallet as extra cushioning, so I’ll be paying actual rent, utilities, etc.

But after seeing the floorplan and the rent they were offering, I was stoked. I couldn’t pass it up. I signed the lease right then and there and received $200 off the first month. The community is beautiful and the apartments themselves are lovely also. Each unit has a wood burning fireplace and a washer and dryer in the unit. The one I rented has vaulted ceilings and is on the 2nd floor. I don’t even have to share a front stoop with anyone 🙂 It’s great.

My move in date is October 8. I’m already picking out what furniture to buy. IKEA opened just in time that’s for sure.

My Rant of the Month

For the past 3 years, I have been a loyal user of the North Texas Toll Tag Authority. It’s been a worthwhile convenience this entire time. I’ve never had to scrounge the car floor for quarters, never had to fight to get back into the flow of traffic. And refilling my account has been easy–just link it to a credit or debit card and you’re set. Overall, it’s been great.

At least up until recently–when I lost the credit card it was linked to.

Losing a credit card and having to report it is always a stressful situation to be in because you have to remember everything your card is linked to and make sure you update that information before they try to process it again. I was not so lucky with this one. Out of all the accounts I updated, I didn’t update what’s turned out to be the most crucial and most expensive. How expensive? A $400 violation! Yes, folks, that’s a $25 fee for every $.60 toll. You do the math.

Luckily they have what’s called a “violation waiver program” if you DO have a toll tag and was given a violation. So I called the number this morning and spoke to what has to be the nicest customer service representative. Evidently each rep is only given 2 “freebies” to give away to callers each week and he hadn’t used his. “Now you have to promise me that from now on, you’ll update your account information if it ever goes bad, right?” he asked.

“Oh most definitely,” I said, “After seeing those two invoices you can guarantee I will be monitoring my toll tag account more often.” He said there was only about $9 in tolls, so they were able to “forgive” that since I updated my account.

So. Problem solved, amen, thanks to “The Nicest Customer Service Rep” at the NTTA. However, if I could make one suggestion to the North Texas Toll Authority: update your system and notify account holders if there’s a problem with their account. You’ll have much happier customers.

Home Sweet Home

As mentioned before, my poor sweet car (aka Slick) was taken to the “hospital” yesterday afternoon. In the meantime, I rented a car from the dealership, a 2005 Camry LE and close cousin to my 2001 Camry Solara. I must say, it was a very very nice drive. The rental girl at the service desk set me up with the best one they had and I have to admit, I enjoyed it very much.

“Hi, Kristine!” Sasha, the rental girl, greeted me as I walked in the door of the service department.

“Hi!” I said, surprised she remembered my name. Then again, she hooked me up with her favorite Camry so I suppose she’d remember the name, face, height, weight, and eye color of every person that’s ever been in that car.

“How did you like it?” she asked. She grinned and nodded her head, “Nice huh?”

“Oh, it was very, very nice, thank you for that,” I said, handing her they keys.

I suppose I would equate it to staying at a nice hotel for the night. I love sleeping in my own bedroom, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to stay in a cozy hotel room and be served breakfast in bed every once in a while. But don’t tell Slick I said that.

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Slick’s In the Hospital

My engine light turned on this morning on my way to work. I tried to take it to the dealership nearby (an hour away from my usual dealership), but they were looking at a few hours wait. “But take it back to us, okay?” said the nice man in the red Toyota-brand button up. Right, Mr. Cheesy Service Man.

Instead I scheduled an appointment with my faithful Carlos at my car’s original home, the dealership at which it was purchased. He recognized my voice and my name (“Yeah, I remember you, you came in last week for the battery,” he said) and set up an appointment for me this afternoon.

I really like those guys over there. It’s strange, but when I tried to take my car to the other dealership, it didn’t feel right, like I already knew they probably wouldn’t take care of my baby the way my dealership would. And although I know I’d save my parents the grief of worrying about my trip to Houston this weekend by taking it to this dealership nearby and having it fixed without their knowledge, the most important thing would be for it to get taken care of, and taken care of well.

The Tad Resurfaces!

I was having lunch with my cousin Angelie in the Union when I saw this strangely tall guy with shaggy brown hair make eye contact with me and then wave in my direction. When I actually got a good look at him, I noticed it was Toby, a fellow Tad-ster from my Campaigns class last semester. We hugged and chatted it up for a bit until he had to leave to get back to the office. It was nice to see him. Man, I miss those guys.