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The category formerly known as “Food and Diet.” I finally caved and realized I hadn’t been on my diet for a month now. Instead, I’ve gone on the “good food” diet.

Royal Sweets at Dickerson Parkway in Carrollton, TX

Royal Sweets - Assorted Indian SweetsI really like the area where I live and work, both of which are only about a 5 minute drive apart. But in between point A and B is a variety of places to eat and shop. And I’m not just talking about your average Chili’s or Applebees, I mean real places, both mom and pop stores, unique franchises, and ethnic grocery stores.

I discovered Royal Sweets, an Indian sweets/baked goods/candy store, when I went out grocery shopping last weekend to the IndoPak Supermarket which happened to be next door. There were quite a few cars parked outside the store, so I thought It had to be a decent place, but due to the rising afternoon temperature and the groceries in my front seat, I couldn’t stay out very long. Instead I decided to revisit when I would have more free time.
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This Is When I start Yelling at The Perky Pilates Instructor on the DVD

My ability to lose weight has never been my strong point. That’s why I’ve always concentrated on my other good qualities. Like the ease with which I use profanity when it comes to strenuous workouts.

For example, lately I’ve gotten back into doing pilates. Now, I’m no stranger to pilates. I did it before and did it well except that time I was using a book and just following the diagrams. It was, for the most part, the ultimate beginner’s instruction.

Since then, I’ve upgraded to a DVD. I’ve always had an aversion to exercise videos, perhaps because I was scarred at an early age by Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Every time I think of one, I imagine a bubbly, stick thin instructor who’s probably never woken up one morning and realized she didn’t have anything to wear because she’d gained so much weight over the past year, nothing fit like they used to.

But this time I thought perhaps I could use an annoying instructor telling me “Just one more!” rather than me saying that to myself over the last donut in the box.

Essentially, I got exactly what I deserved. A spandex-clad nightmare on a yoga mat.

The great thing about working out at home and not having to work out in front of a room full of people is you have the freedom to do (or not do) whatever you want. In my case, I talk back to the pilates instructor.

Like when she said, “C’mon, try two more.”

“I don’t wanna,” I say. “I just gave you 8, you stupid bitch.”

“Think of yourself thin as spaghetti”

“If I was thin as spaghetti, I wouldn’t be doing this workout, you stupid bitch!”

“Now reach…! Reach…!”

“My arms are short, you stupid bitch!”

“C’mon, one more… and reach! That’s it… good job! That’s it for the beginner’s workout. Looking forward to see you in the intermediate session.”

“I hate you… you stupid bitch.”


Jabari and I are making the commitment. The commitment to lose weight.

Two weeks ago he said we have to get fit and start eating healthier. I heartily agreed as I sat there and snacked on a Nutter Butter. We gave ourselves two weeks as a countdown to eat whatever we wanted and get our indulgences out of our system (or rather into it). I only indulged a couple times, but for the most part I stuck to my normal foods.

I decided to get back on the Zone Diet. A couple years ago I started on it and lost close to 40 lbs. in like 4 months. It was fabulous.

Then I graduated from college and moved back home with my parents. I got a job 45 minutes away and suddenly the time I had to really care about what I was eating flew out the door. For the most part, I only ate what mom made, except for the days when I wanted something different and made my own dinner or went through a drive-thru.

In about a year I gained most of my weight back. The toughest part was weighing myself every other day and watching the number gradually climb.

And then I moved. And then I realized money was disappearing out of my wallet towards bills and other miscellaneous expenses. If anyone has ever been on a diet before, especially one where you have to buy your own food. you know eating healthy isn’t all that cheap. So instead of healthy, balanced meals, I was eating frozen pizza and those cheap Banquet meals you can get when they go on sale for 10 for $10.

Pretty soon, I was feeling like crap. I wake up and I feel like crap. I go to bed and I feel like crap. My feet and legs hurt early in the morning and at the end of the day. I’m not getting the right nutrients and as a result, I usually have absolutely no energy.

So now I’m back on it again, following the same Week in the Zone plan I followed the first time I got started and suddenly I wonder why I didn’t stay on it. Instantly I can already feel a difference. I have a lot of energy, and yet I’m eating half the calories my body burns so I’m hoping I’ll be able to lose weight these first couple weeks with minimal effort. In fact, I have so much energy, I was actually able to get all my household stuff done. I even cleaned my kitchen and put away laundry that’s been sitting on my dining table for like a week already.

I think I’ll finally stick to it this time. I hope I will.