Another Vlog and December Daily Update

Thanks again to everyone who watched my last video. I actually recorded this one last night and uploaded it this morning, but I’m just now getting around to publishing it. I don’t expect this to happen all the time since I work full time, but hopefully it’s something I’ll be able to maintain once or twice a week.

The amount of pages I actually got done this weekend was pretty lame, but considering the other work I accomplished (getting the other half of my studio functional), this was a significant feat.

Also in raiding my own stash, I learned that I really don’t have a variety of Christmas products to choose from. And, well, as fate would have it, I happened to browse at just the right time to see they were having a daily deal sale on all their Christmas stuff at 20% off. So you know what I did, of course. Expect to see a scrapbook haul soon!

Are you working on December Daily or Journal Your Christmas? Post a comment about your progress!

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