A Year of Firsts

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It’s been 6 months since you passed away. Although we laugh and we smile and life goes on, our hearts are still heavy in your absence. This year for Father’s Day, it was especially bittersweet because it was our first Father’s Day without you. Every time I heard an ad for a sale on some cool new gadget, I realized I wouldn’t have to buy you anything this year.

But I know that’s what the coming months will be. A year of firsts without you.

I miss you. We all do. There isn’t one day, one hour, one minute, or one second that passes in which I don’t think about you. I keep your voicemail messages on my phone just so I can hear your voice every once in a while. I drive your car and listen to the Michael Buble album I gave you because it still reminds me of you.

We visited your grave this year and brought you flowers. And even though Restland still hasn’t placed your marker, we know where your plot is. Like a beacon in the night, we’re automatically guided to your final resting place. We touch the grass that grows above you in hopes that it will bring us closer to your physical presence because we know your spiritual one is all around us. And we say a prayer for you so you know how much we love you still.

Miss you always and forever,


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