About Kristine

Me and My Buddy

My Name Is Kristine and This Website Is My Story

What is this website about? I’ve been trying to answer that question for a really long time and I recently discovered the answer.

It’s about me.

I’m a 31 year old graphic design professional living with my mini schnauzer Izzie in Dallas, TX. I was born and raised in Dallas. I went to the University of North Texas in 2001 and graduated in 2004 with a degree in advertising.

Today I work for a social media agency, but in my spare time I scrapbook, read, watch movies, cook, and bake. And sometimes I use this blog to document all of those things.

About Katharses.org

Katharses.org was my second domain name I owned. I chose this name back in 2004 because I wanted this website to be cathartic, a place where I could design and maintain my own website and write without being concerned about who read what I was writing. Today Katharses has grown to close to 1,000 posts and receives thousands of page views per month.

The Occasional Words and Photos from Kristine Macabare